Både Og Podcast

At Både Og AS you will find creators, copywriters, sound designers, directors, producers and project managers who produce TV commercials, radio commercials, radio and TV programs, podcasts, casting, post production, music composition and sound design.

Both Og AS has existed since 1989 and is one of the oldest and most meritorious production agencies in Norway. Både Og have dedicated departments for podcasts, TV and radio production, TV commercials and last but not least radio commercials. Både Og combines collaboration between long expertise and young creative forces, which has given the company's customers a large number of awards and prizes.

Både Og Podcast is Both Og AS's department for the production of podcasts and radio programs. Både Og Podcast is one of Norway's oldest radio and podcast environments. Både Og Podcast work i.a. with production for the Norwegian National Broadcasting (NRK), Schibsted (Podimo), Norwegian cultural institutions such as the Munch Museum and companies and organizations such as Ung Kreft, Redd Barna and Norges Bondelag.